Adblock for Firefox & Google Chrome

Adblock for Firefox & Google Chrome 


adblock it actually refers to a specific
one of the many and now-defunct online
advertisement blocking browser extension
called well adblock which was later
forced to become the open source adblock
plus which actually competes directly
with a newer also called adblock browser
extension which is not related although
functionally very similar confusing hey
with that out of the way what
functionality do these extensions have
basically they ride shotgun as you
browse the web and with the help of
either manual input or the use of one of
the many popular pre-done filter sets
prevent you from seeing content you
didn’t intend by sitting between your
browser and a given website and checking
the source of an element or feature on a
web page images for example or in a
video stream and if it matches anything
in the add filter list it will simply
not be displayed this has obvious
benefits the users page loads faster
since unnecessary and sometimes
inappropriate images are never
downloaded obnoxious features like that
thing we’re mousing over a word pops up
a place to buy stuff can be ignored
full-page pop-ups that make you wait
five seconds to read an article can be
skipped distracting junk on the page
like seizure-inducing animated banners
or annoying random audio streams that
are impossible to find in your sea of
browser tabs can become a thing of the
past if you’re on a limited data plan
blocking ads from being downloaded
especially video ads can help you save
on your monthly bill especially relevant
to mobile users and in some cases ad
blockers can even prevent particularly
scumbag ads from stealthily opening new
connections to your browser and actually
following you around to spy on your web
activities once you’ve left the site
where you originally picked them up
sounds great right where do I sign up
well hold on a second
this is actually a bigger decision than
most people think it is and while I’m
not going to give you some however would
be my family sob story since I’m
obviously doing fine
I’d like you to at least consider the
other side of the coin here because
that’s what everything’s about isn’t it
money the services you sign up for the banners
or videos that you click on and even the
ads that you see out of the corner of
your eye those contribute to paying the
server upkeep costs and the salaries of
the people whose content you’re
consuming and by turning off ads you’re
deciding to not support the
aforementioned content creator but Linus
come on they’re downloading crap to my
computer or they have full volume audio
ads I’m not listening to that
and while traditional wisdom dictates
that it’s up to the content provider not
the consumer to decide how much the
content costs and in what manner that
will be paid meaning that the proper way
to vote with your wallet is actually to
boycott the site outright and send a
nasty letter I hear you that’s a lot of
work and most people aren’t going to do
that consumer expectations are changing
which isn’t an invitation to just block
all of our ads in spite of our tech
savvy audience Google Adsense on this
channel contributed almost enough last
year to pay the full-time salary of
someone here at Linus Media Group that
makes a huge impact on our company and
thank you to everyone who lets them run
it’s just one of the reasons that you
might have noticed clever content
creators who understand the
give-and-take relationship they have
with their viewers are exploring other
options that’s your big decision that I
alluded to before nothing in life is
free and if consumers decide they don’t
want to pay that way anymore the free
ad-supported internet paradigm could be
forever altered in fact it’s happening
already we are actually a great case
study on the changes that are occurring
right now and only time and continued
experimentation which we’re doing will
determine what compromise ends up
working best for the creator and the
audience here’s a small example on the
one hand we’ve got YouTube an
ad-supported platform we do enable ads
but we don’t enable the more lucrative
but also more annoying unskipable
pre-rolls at the beginning but then we
countered with baked in sponsor spots at
the end then on the other hand we are
also experimenting with a paid model by
putting our content behind a three
dollar per month membership paywall for
the first week that it’s available on
vessel comm but the benefit is that it’s
up there without any of the usual
sponsor mentions at the end of the video
that sound a little something like fresh
books the online accounting service that
lets freelance workers or small
businesses take care of their business
without spending all their time doing
annoying paperwork it makes invoicing
getting paid and tracking hours and
expenses easier by turning it into an
online tool that you can have with you
all the time it shows a full history of
each invoice allows you to check if your
client has viewed the invoice and allows
you to bill online you can update the
FreshBooks timesheet from anywhere and
pull your project hours right into an
invoice it just makes you feel like
you’re spending your time doing your
work rather than spending your time
chasing around getting paid for your
work so try it out now you can head up a
free trial at the link in the video
description that’s Fresh Books comm slash tech quickie. 

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