Diploma subjects and courses after 12th standard

Diploma subjects and courses after 12th standard

Diploma :  Diploma is college or university given by a certificate that diploma holder had completed particular subject we can take any subject in diploma you can choose your own subject if you want to learn particular subject you can learn for example computer operator diploma or electrical diploma which is profitable for your future have to select particular subject.
What is the difference between Diploma & Degree : If you want to take higher education degree is mandatory for further education like M-Phil it will take 2 to 4 years for degree, coming to diploma will come to particular subject will have to study duration will be very low diploma courses will be 6 months to 2 years can know in diploma business job work or internship after completing diploma you can apply for job the best thing in diploma is after completing 8th standard also you can apply for diploma.
Diploma courses after completing 12th to apply :   
  • Advance electronics 
  • Baker and Confectioner
  • Desktop publishing operator
  • Electrician
  • Instrument mechanic
  • Metro-logy & Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Mechanic computer hardware
From here you are know that diploma will complete in short period of time compared to degree.
Here you will get an knowledge in professional subject you work on field
Whats the reason every one attracts Diploma : Getting of job for Diploma holders is very high compatible to degree because for degree holders they get know knowledge theoretically where as for diploma students they will get practical knowledge and selecting for is high for diploma students if you are studied in interest subject in diploma want to learn diploma you can learn now a days 1 to 2 years diploma courses will be completed diploma cost also very low high profitable subject.
you can do part time also for diploma and it has flexible learning and its depends on you which subject have to take diploma or degree.
First year diploma courses
  • Computer application
  • Yoga
  • banking
  • financial accounts
  • Industrial safety
  • Business management
Value of diploma courses : For diploma courses the value is very high because compared to other studies or other courses you can complete your course in less time with practical knowledge.
Which diploma is best for future :  For future we cant say but if are interested in your passion which subject you are taken sure you gonna be one day successful below are the list for best future diploma subject if you are interested you can learn.
  •  Marine field
  •  fire & safety technology
  •  hotel management
  • Animation & Multimedia
  • Interior designing
  • computer & programming
I hope you got the knowledge about which course you have to take.
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