Dulcimer Instrument & code

Dulcimer Instrument & code

Dulcimer instrument : you’re about to see those of  you don’t know why a hammered dulcimer
sounds like I’m posting this just  because I want to turn you on to one of  the most beautiful instruments that there is what was happening I was going through Black Mountain and I went into a
store called song of the wood which is one of my favorite stores to go visit in the world while I was there I encountered this musician his name is Joshua Messick and this is Joshua’s brochure I’m going to put links to his website Joshua Meza comm and he also to his iTunes account I’m here to tell you
this gentleman is an absolute master at his musician he’s been a national champion on the hammer dulcimer just amazing incredible sound and the reason I’m doing this intro is because we were
in the store people were talking moving around going on and Joshua still was gracious enough to do a demo of what the hammered dulcimer sounds like it’s also very fun for me to hear how the audio sounds with a Hero 3 plus the stereo effect that you get off the strings and everything so this is a less than perfect video joshua has awesome professionally done videos on his website in his YouTube channel you got to go check it out imma put a link to that there as well I just wanted to preface this by saying this is not something we tried to do professionally I understand the sensibilities of a musician who wants to put his best foot forward but someone say it was really awesome of him to show me his technique I put him on the spot he delivered an incredible performance it is a mesmerizing sound I absolutely
love the tonal possibilities that come out of a hammered dulcimer I have one myself
I’ll never approach the skill and abilities of someone like Joshua Messick who’s been playing for nearly 20 years so folks enjoy this and please go check out his his website his YouTube channel
and especially his iTunes channel there where Joshua can make some money because 
he’s a professional musician you might want him for a wedding or to play your
event I’m going to go see him very soon I think in July told me about an event that he’s going to do this July
2014 so if you see this years later you know that that event will have been passed but enjoy this sorry for the long
intro just enjoy you Oh you’re freaking brilliant that is  gorgeous
your technique I love the stretching strings I love these with the dampers on them the only other guy I’ve ever seen I actually did video one time for a guy named he’s a legendary zat John
mcCutchan you know so John played at a church in burns field North Carolina
irani sounds for him one night he did some of the things you’re doing but this
is really unusual life it is a lot of  this technique you see other people do
is it simply developed yourself well I mean you’re not flunking and everything
you’re nothing that I that I’m doing is you need in your context of any string
dish the thing is for some reason a lot of people haven’t thought of using these
techniques on hammer dulcimer ya know by no means am i the exclusive
person it’s just it’s part of my style you had I do it more frequently how long
you been doing it 20 years 20 years so I just gotta ask how old are you 28 2008
years old well technically just a few months shy
of 20 years so I started when I was 9 I’ll be 29 very soon ok and it’s a were
you from I live here in Asheville  Asheville spent all this all those years
in Asheville doing this I actually grew up in Houston Houston Texas and if
someone were to want to go and buy this kind of means you make what I’m sure you
have a website I do Joshua Meza calm is it in the ssmes s i ck I’m available on
iTunes are available the physical CDs to have the full liner notes in the story
of the album you can get those directly through my website or you know have a
youtube presence as well right see the videos now for people who don’t know
about this kind of instrument they usually don’t come with these dampers
like what a piano has on they’re more like this is more well they not making
that one has a moment well the one I own does not have the dampers on it right
the dampers are you know more piano light exactly it’s the opposite when you
push down the pedal on a piano the dampers come on right whereas these when you
push the pedal down the dampers going along so you get a moove marimba top
sound yeah sorry yeah see you as opposed to but it also allows you to stop to
sustain so if you anything somewhat dissident it allows you to to really get
in there and control the dissonance I want to focus more on the artistry of
what can I develop with my own arranging my own techniques my own compositions
and spend my time there the Lark the longer piece that you played for us a
while ago what was that call woodland dance it’s an original of mine it’s
fantastic yeah you’re a true amazing musician and I feel honored to have had
a chance to meet you my my job is once again composition I’m a composer I do a lot of arranging but one thing that I’m doing currently is putting the hammer 
dulcimer where I believe it should be placed in more of a percussion
environment with a vibraphone a gong any kind of timpani to really extract the
precaution qualities that I can also play with the instrument of wind chimes
you know with my man over here or a symbol so when you perform it’s not
always just the delta mer there are other int do you you have a suite of
pratt so the percussive things around things i can play with my fear where
will you be performing sometime soon July 18th I’ll be playing at Whitehorse
Black Mountain right over here right over just down the street I just showed the
pink I’m gonna shed the people where that is ah and so on July 18 yes and
that will have the full ensemble of percussions with me at that concert I
will play so here we go summer as well but there’s compositions that either
I’ve written or co-written with some of the other musicians that are very lovely
to see the hair would also add more of percussion ensemble if someone wants to
get started yeah and I realize it takes so many decades to become a master like
you are but if someone wants to get started on something like this what
would you recommend well I would recommend first of all practice and then
also setting a goal that you have to have a goal if you’re going to get
anywhere yeah so you set an achievable goal in your
practice so there are resources available to help you the dulcimer
crossings there’s the dulcimer school that’s online you can google those and look
those up as well as the dulcimer player news in addition to a lot of teaching
resources which saw every move exactly provides it’s a really awesome little
story here isn’t it. 
Label & Credit : Tony Lee Glenn

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