IP full form | computer | banking | Law

IP full form | computer | banking | Law

IP full form in Computer,Banking,Law,Court,medical,subject,commerce
IP full form in Computer : Internet Protocol its an ip address serves two (2) main functions Host and identification
IP full form in banking : In the banking terminology IP stands for Interest Payment
IP full form in Law : As per law records IP stands for Intellectual Property it means that protected law under copyright works as Ideas,works and Inventions.
IP full form in Court : As per court judgement IP stands For Insolvency Proceedings. (resolution process) 
IP full form in Medical : As per medical reports and known details IP stands for Indian Pharmacopoeia it simply says that tablet has been analysed.
IP full form in Subject : In subjects like java IP stands for Information Practices its an open source software on the basics of subject knowledge.
IP full form in Commerce : In commerce like CBS subject IP stands for Informatics Practices it is known as computer terminology.
IP full form in Hindi : In Hindi IP stands for इंटरनेट प्रोटोकॉल.
IP full form in Protection : Ingress Protection.
IP full form in Engineering : In engineering college IP stands for Internet Protocol.
IP full form in Chemistry : As per lab records finding and testing IP stands for Intellectual Property.
IP full form in ESIC : As per medical records IP stands for Insured Person.

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