Tneb reading details

Tneb reading details

tneb reading : Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (abbreviated to TNEB) is a Tamil Nadu Government Electricity Production and Distribution Company in India tneb reading details.
It was created as a regulatory monopoly under Section 131 of the Electricity Act (2003) as a successor of the former Tamil Nadu Electricity Board eb reading.
It is the largest State Electricity Board (SEB) in the country (21.3 million as of 31 March 2010).
TNEB was created on 1 July 1957 as the Madras State Electricity Board and the successor of the 1948 Electricity Supply Act reading details.
Former power department of the Government of Madras under the authority of the Department of Power.
It is responsible for the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity and it regulates the power supply in the state.
Later it was converted to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.
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