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the Google cloud stage
welcome to the Google Server farm at The
Dalles Oregon investigate
we go inside we have to ensure that
we have the suitable security
freedom most Google representatives can’t
indeed, even get in here
so we should go on an extraordinary
off camera visit I’m here with
Noah from the site unwavering quality
building group Noah he reveal to us a
smidgen increasingly about the sre job at
Google no doubt Esther is compose and keep up
the product frameworks intended to keep
our administrations running so what occurs if
one of these frameworks goes down we’ve
structured our frameworks starting from the
earliest stage
to have the option to deal with any surprising
disappointments that may happen we have
repetitive force systems administration and
areas so regardless of whether we do lose a whole
group we’re ready to divert those
outstanding burdens and live relocate information
all together
to limit any effect also we
have a group of sres available to come in to work
day in and day out that
can handle any issues that may emerge
much obliged Noah so now we get familiar with
the frameworks that deal with our armada at
Google we should investigate the
server farm foundation itself
welcome inside before we can proceed
further we have to experience the
biometric IR sweep and circle lock these
just permit each individual in turn and
require double validation to proceed
further I’ll see you on the opposite side
welcome to the server farm floor as you
can tell we have a great deal of servers and
this is a solitary bunch in a solitary
floor in a solitary structure dealing with all
these servers on a worldwide scale is very
a test to use our armada we use
instruments, for example, port Monster and scanner
you might be acquainted with comparable devices
for example, kubernetes Google Distributed storage
what’s more, bigquery at these apparatuses a great
deal of
Google architects and cloud clients
all the more effectively oversee foundation
permitting everybody to both imaginative and
versatile applications
here at Google an ale foundation is
specially crafted this gives us the
adaptability and execution we have to
run the entirety of our administrations at scale
goodness hello
it’s Virginia one of our system
engineers hello Cindy Virginia what are
you taking a shot at today I’m working
with equipment operations to grow this information
focus system to convey extra
machines right now armada is
continually developing to help new
limit with respect to Google items and their
cloud clients however seems like a great deal of
work to be continually including limit
around the world very much structured our
organize with the goal that this sort of limit
development isn’t exceptionally hard Jupiter our
current server farm organize innovation
is a various leveled configuration utilizing
programming characterized organizing standards
so only a portion of our servers alluring
the way the particular subtleties of our
arrange and oversee them like their
programming projects and information abstracting
is by all accounts a typical topic here at
Google I’ve additionally those of a great deal of
running in our server farms it’s hard to believe,
but it’s true
a solitary structure can bolster 75,000
machines and extend one pet occasion
every second of transmission capacity which is
in reality more than on the whole
Web well this permits us dependably
get to capacity and register assets
with low inactivity and high throughput so
how is this server farm associated with all
other server farms far and wide
Google runs v4 our own private profoundly
effective spine organize completely
run quicker than our web essential
organize it interfaces every one of our server
together permits administrations to effectively
get to assets in any area decent I
at long last note this Google Fiber is
truly utilized for says thanks to Virginia no
so now you’ve seen all the figure and
organizing torque required to run
your outstanding burdens in the cloud we should
take a
take a gander at where your information is
securely and
safely put away go whether you’re
questioning terabytes of information on bigquery
or on the other hand putting away petabytes of
Google Cloud
capacity the entirety of your information should
put away on a physical gadget our information
focus foundation permits us to
get to our capacity rapidly and safely
on our scale we have to deal with hard
drive and SSD disappointment consistently
while your information is repeated and safe
we have to devastate or reuse utilized hard
drives so nobody can get to your information
from the time like this is expelled from
the server the time is decommissioned we
keep up a severe chain of guardianship
be that as it may, this are totally cleaned and
annihilated in a tremendous shredder
we should go shred some hard drives
we’ve taken a gander at a ton of the equipment
that runs in our server farms yet it
doesn’t end there
we have to cool and force our
framework and a naturally
maintainable and solid way how about we take
a gander at how we cool our servers
welcome to the mechanical gear room
looks quite cool doesn’t it alright it’s
Brian one of our server farm offices
experts hello Brian
Straight to the point would you be able to reveal
to us somewhat more
about this room through this is a
cooling plant however one of the information
fixates that we have nearby so a great deal of
heat is produced on the server floor
what’s more, that all must be expelled and that
begins directly here in the cooling plant
so it’s fundamentally too free we have the
condenser water circle and we have the
process water circle the procedure water
circle are these blue and red funnels over
here so they ease the pressure off the
server floor and they move it to
these warmth exchangers here the condenser
water circle or these green and yellow
pipes here they take the virus water from
the base and underneath it they move
it to the ec8 exchangers here and they
send it up to the cooling towers up on
the rooftop and notice our channels are Google
hues it’s really cool so how effective
is our server farm well Google has a few
of the most effective server farms in
the world in certainty when we began
revealing our capacity utilization viability
or then again PUA in 2008 most other server farms
were around 100 percent overhead at that
point in time Google was 20% overhead
in any case, from that point forward we diminish
it to simply 12%
furthermore, that even incorporates our cafeterias
hold up
that is so low likewise what’s this enormous
green machine for well this is a chiller
you once in a while use them however it makes a
keep the procedure water temperature in
the ideal temperature run when it
gets extremely hot outside essentially
helping the cooling tower carry out its
responsibility and
a portion of our more current server farms they
no chillers at all I love the wonderful way our
server farms are much progressively proficient by
the way would we be able to go up and investigate
a cooling tower sure we should go
wow what a view up here so Cindy this is
a cooling tower it utilizes dissipation to
quickly cool the water from the
condenser circle and sends it down to
the bowl you could state we’re making
real mists with the cloud mists
making real mists welcome to Google
so Brian how would we power the cloud that
all beginnings at Google’s capacity substation
how about we go investigate so this is the
Google possessed force substation this is
where the high voltage power enters the
site it’s decreased and afterward set to
various force dissemination focuses such
as this one right here what occurs if a
Force Dispersion Center loses power if
it loses power we have numerous
generator and utility reinforcement sources
accessible to keep up capacity to those
servers and where does all the force
originate from it really originates from
numerous hydroelectric force plants that
are close by
I love the wonderful way Google utilizes
dependable green
vitality at whatever point conceivable we are 100%
carbon nonpartisan really that is lovely
cool you realize it appears Google
constructs unwavering quality starting from the
earliest stage
from the force and cooling as far as possible
to the product frameworks that deal with our
armada much obliged for demonstrating me around
no issue never incredible Dan thank you for
going along with me on this exceptional
in the background visit please look at
cloud Google come to figure out how you can

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