HDFC MICR code – hdfc bank code

HDFC MICR code – hdfc bank code

want to know the micr code of hdfc bank you can check the details of  micr code hdfc bank as follows 

Micr code HDFC 

How can you find the hdfc bank micr code ?
HDFC का MICR कोड सिटी कोड के 3 अंक शुरू कर रहा है और अगले 3 अंक बैंक कोड है और अंतिम 3 अंक शाखा कोड होगा।
The MICR code of  HDFC is Starting 3 digits of City code and next 3 digits is the bank code and the last 3 digits will be branch code.
You can easily find MICR code from the bottom of the cheque book or cheque leaf on right side. 
i think you got the solution of hdfc micr code if you have any doubt regarding hdfc micr code you can comment below

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