How to Schedule a Google meet – Meeting,Google Calendar,In future

How to Schedule a Google meet – Meeting,Google Calendar,In future

How to schedule a google meet
let’s talk about how to schedule a
google meet maybe you’ve used Google me
before and you’ve come to this familiar
window and you’ve noticed that at the
bottom it says nothing’s scheduled today
and you wondered well how do I actually
schedule something for today so you
click this button to join or start a
meeting and you realize that you
actually can’t schedule anything in this
window the reason why is because the
scheduling of a Google me is actually
done inside your Google Calendar so
let’s actually go take a look at how we
would accomplish that so I have my
Google Calendar open so I’m going to
switch to that and let’s just say I’m
going to create a Google meet for later
on this afternoon so what I’m going to
do is create an event so let’s click in
here and I will just say queue a meeting
just something like that and then what
I’m going to do is just make sure the
date and the time are set correctly now
just keep in mind you’re only gonna see
on the Google meet page those items that
are scheduled for the current day so I’m
just gonna keep this in the current day
what I can do is I can add guests to
this if I would like them to get a
notification of this you can distribute
that information however you choose I’m
just gonna leave this a blank for the
purpose of this video and then what
you’re going to do to actually schedule
that meet is to come down to this area
here where it says add location or
conferencing and we’re gonna focus on
the conferencing piece so we’ll click
this and then what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to add conferencing so we
could either add a location or we’re
gonna add conferencing and what that’s
going to do is it’s going to create a
Google meet for us all right and there’s
the link for the Google meet so you can
bring this down here and you can fuse
some other details about the Google
meeting you can share that with
individuals if you want to it’s really
up to you that’s not the focus of this
video so what we can do here is save and
now we have an event on our Google
calendar that says Q&A meeting from 2:00
to 3:00 so let’s hop over back to the
Google meet page and now you’ll see on
the Google meet page I have this
scheduled 2 p.m. Q&A meeting so that’s
how you can go ahead and schedule a
Google meet again you can use your
Google calendar to create that event whenever
you want if you want to set it in
advance that’s perfectly fine you can do
that you just got to make sure that
you’re sharing the information about
that meeting with those you expect to
show up all right you can either do that
inside the event itself or you can copy
the link and distribute it however you
normally would all right I hope that helps you above information.
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