Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review :

let’s do the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S
20 plus
and I’ve been actually testing this now a device now for almost three
weeks and in fact I’ve got multiple software OTA updates and guys this is the
official Indian medium that means it comes with the Exynos processor and let me
divide it between the pros and cons what do I feel about this device and again
guys I would suggest you watch my unboxing video if you want to get a general
overview about this device because in this review electric jump between the
experience that I have noticed and divided proofing the pros and cons and first
let’s start,
 Samsung Galaxy S20 plus review
 Pros :  I mean it’s this is
Samsung’s flagship not the truth now we haven’t even unwrapped part I would say
this is the most sensible that they have right now and this is the success 10 plus
and feels like the s10 plus I would say but the big differences if you notice
the camera is a main focus on these new S 20 series and that’s the same case
even with this one this one actually has a quad camera setup at the back I will talk about the camera later on
in fact guys I was working on what do you say a dedicated video regarding the camera
performance I shot at almost 75 percent but that 25 percent of our built footage.
  The camera
review I’ll later on but let’s start with the pros and cons and the first thing
that I really liked about this device is again it’s a Samsung phone so the
build quality is good now what they have done is now if you notice the earlier
samsung series the screen used to have a lot of more what do you say this edge
here it’ stapered down so I feel this is a lot better and also in terms of in
hand feel which is an important thing though this is a big device having a six
point seven inch screen and that 4500 milli amp hou rbattery Samsung has done a
great job in terms of in hand feel the weight balance has been done very well so
simply does not feel that you are holding a very heavy phone or something like
that in you know way I would I initially thought and it’s having that six one
seven inch screen it’s massive but again as the bezels are very thin it not feel
very very heavy or very bulky I got used to it within a day or two it’s a samsung
phone so screen is important part this has their new dynamic AMOLED screen it’s a
six points even inch screen it’s a quad HD plus screen and as you can see the
screen quality is really good again it’s the Samsung device so you have that but
now with this one you have an option ofgoing up to hundred twenty Hertz that option
is there if you really want to dothat you can do that but again it will consume
up the battery life a little bitI ‘ll talk about that later and again this is the
new Samsung UI that you are getting on this one you don’t have to worry about it
and if you go to the display here you can change the motion Smoothness 220 Hertz
if you really want but I’d hung 20 Hertz it will be only at1080p not quad HD so
that option is there and this is the new Samsung UI andas you can see I’m using
the gestures and again though it’s sounding this Exynos associate runs day-to-day
tasks without any issues I never notice any lag enos or anything on this device
soi n that area you don’t have to worry though it’s having that Exynos processor it
handles everyday tasks without any issues and this comes with eight gigabytes of
RAM and I would say the ROM management also has been done well on this oneI never
faced any issues of RAM management or anything the most of there cent apps that
you are expect to be there as you can see I was browsing stuff in the morning of
all those things you to browse will be there in memory so ROM management has been
done and,
 the 1 it’s good you can have that what do yousay if I’m using a full
screen body virtual buttons if you want you can have that option if you really
want but now let’s talk about the house to call quality earpiece and stuff
because I’m a person who still takes a lot of voice calls and I’m happy to say
here Samsung did a good job the year pieces over here and the earpiece quality is
actually really good and even the speaker it’s actually having a dual speaker
that stereos speaker setup and that’ s actually good so in terms of quality it was
good now coming to how’s the signal reception this is different from call quality
here also I was I would say I was surprised as you can see I’m just going to get
out of the Wi-Fi and this is my area of the office that has very low signal with
air temp and as you can see right now it’s in that 4G but here also in this
office I could take cellular calls and it did not disconnect this is a big deal
guys there’s very few phones can take calls here and don’t get disconnected or
the other parties don’t complain with this one I could take also even in what is
as lightly lower network area the network reception is actually good on this one and
of course it has that Wi-Fi calling so that option is enabled and of course voltage
and all those things work so in area of network reception I would say they have
done a good job of unlike some of the other phones that I have reviewed that have
problems with low network issue yeah it does not have back light if we talk about
the speakers as I waste illing we have stereo speakers and notes it’s adequately
loud let me just go to my own channel and give you an idea let’s just fire and
just as you can see it’s adequately loud I will say it’s the loudest dust yes
because that record I feel the iPhone has slightly maximum volume is slightly
more but this is good enough most of the time I was keeping the volume level at
about 85 percent or 90 and it was adequately enough.

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