Tree png HD images all for free

Tree png HD images all for free

Tree PNG : 

I want to do a explain for you guys in detail about
the website ( this is a
website where you can get PNG files to
make your designs with so in essence it
is basically a giant database of images
then you can select any type you are interested and
then download as many as you want with
the premium plan and these are also good
for commercial use up to 50 uses on a
t-shirt so let’s just take a look at
their plans really quick because I think
they’re having a cyber monday deal but
to be honest with you I got the Black
Friday deal and it was only $30 for 90
days so ten dollars a month so I just
opted to try it because this website
will actually let you download two PNG
files per day for free if you want to
try it so that was kind of what they did
to get me hooked essentially because I
realized there was a lot of files on
here that I could use and I have
actually used the site to make already a
couple hundred different shirts and pop
sockets as well so I definitely think
that it’s worth the $10 a month but I’m
not so sure about the $20 a month
however if you buy a year plan right now
they’re giving it to you at let’s say
roughly 650 a month looks like with the
$80 so that that’s the price and down
here it tells you what you’re allowed to
do with the images with the premium plan
you can sell print shirt it says down
here under number 2 printed in physical
form as part of the art packaging blah
blah blah basically everything t-shirts
mugs up to fifty times and that is
something that I just find hard to
imagine how they’re gonna police that I
think this is more for bigger people who
are selling hundreds and hundreds like
say Walmart or Target down here and got
an image they don’t want them to be able
to mass-produce it in print thousands
and thousands so I think that you
probably be okay here using the images
okay so let’s just take a look through
the database and we’ll see I kind of put
out some high point said that they
really offer and also some areas in
which they’re lacking so the biggest
problem that I have found with this
that it is not very search friendly so
if you type in something it’s very
difficult to find exactly what you’re
looking for so if you’re looking for
something super specific it might not be
the place for you (small tree png)
however just looking for something in
general it usually comes up with a lot
of a lot of images so basically you can
use as many as you want you can download
you can even get this for three months
and download as many as you want and
then be done with it if that’s what you
want to do that’s kind of how I’m
looking at it I don’t know if I’ll renew
or not but here is just a example of
typing in koala these are the results
that you get now they’re not all 
transparent so if it does not have this
checkered square background then it’s
not transparent so something that is not
transparent you know you could still use
on a pop socket but it’s not necessarily
gonna be as easy to make a design out of
if it’s not transparent however you can
always cut out shapes and things like
that so it’s not completely useless (tree png plan)
let’s just scroll through and look at
these this really cute designs and once
you find a designer that you like you
can actually go to their page and see
all their designs there are also plenty
of backgrounds and things of that nature
you can use these on different types of
shirts like that right there is really
cool another great feature is that they
let you hover over it and save it if you
want to save it to your favorites and
then you can download it right now if
you want but I save a lot of things to (tree png vector)
my favorites because I know that the
image is a nice image but also I just
don’t feel like downloading it right now
I like to get in a state of flow and (tree png clipart)
have a process so anything that slows me
down is just you know not a good idea I
mean that is crazy I don’t even know
what’s going on here but I’m gonna heart
that because it’s weird weird cells
that’s what I learned from having an
antique booth let’s go type in something
else let’s just have a mermaid because
that is a super popular thing here (tree png cartoon)
you’ll see all kinds of images some of
them are just you know not as detailed
and some of them have textures you can
also add your own textured effect over
this image but let’s just click on one
to kind of see how it works I’ll find
one that I like here that is transparent
we go to the next page see what all we
have yeah see that you definitely (tree png silhouette)
couldn’t use because it’s like an aerial
mock-up there are some things on here
that are clearly like clearly on the
borderline of what you should and should
not upload to your March account so
obviously you need to take that into
account nobody is really gonna do that
for you so that’s something that you
have to worry about on your own oh
that’s a good one so once you click on
it it’s gonna pull up another window I
don’t know how to stop this it’s very (tree png black and white)
annoying but it does it every single
time basically you’re gonna see this
it’s gonna show you the dimensions of
the PNG files and of course you can
change the size of it once you download
it and it’s gonna have a button right (3d tree png)
here to download it as a PNG so once you
click that it’s gonna start your
download and then you will basically
click down here and there you go you’ve
got it ready to go it’s all basically
you can just save it and then you’re
good to go (2d tree png)
so ah I mean I think overall it’s a
really really neat little neat little
website I think that the price right now
at $20 a month for three months is
probably justifiable especially if you
don’t have a pretty big collection of
graphics already doing merch for 
where I have like honestly I need to get
a separate Drive for my computer because
I have so many files on it right now but
this is a good way to easily come up
with designs one of the things that that
slows people down is trying to come up
with designs because they’re you know
looking for things and trying to find
designs on pixabay and it’s just it
becomes a point where things are just
you know it’s better to just safe save
some time and spend your money
now at the end of every year (night tree png)
and you can get this as a tax write-off
you can even get that your subscription
for I think like 100 or less than 100
the year subscription right now is $79
so how much is that a day I can’t math
10 or a month that’s 658 a month so that
is really really cheap and then of
course you know you can always you can
always get other (tree png logo)
subscriptions to other websites but
really tried that I really saw the value
man I mean just something like this you
can easily put this on a shirt and just
sell it as a music teacher gift
something of that nature so we’ll click
through a couple more and we’ll just
kind of think out loud on this but
overall I really really like to saw and
had any crappy downloads everything
pretty much is what it is the the price
of it I think is really really
reasonable they also have different
backgrounds so if you click on
backgrounds and type in like let’s say
linen for instance they have things like
this and you may be able to pull out
some stuff for this for a background on
a pop socket or even if you’re just
doing backgrounds for something else if
you’re designing you can use all these
elements like these right here pretty
cool this would make a really cool pop
socket some looks like oranges to me
definitely not lemons the biggest
drawback of this is and I don’t think
it’s based in the US I need to figure it
out but it seems to me like a lot of
these are when I type in something it’ll
pull up something similar but not quite
what I was looking for and I think that
there may be some some translation
challenges going on here yeah here’s
some cactus pattern that’s pretty cool
yeah that looks really really good
so that is pretty much it I mean there
is that and then there’s some other
let’s say templates text effect in
illustration so those are the kind of
things that you get with the program now
if we just go to P&G they have their
popular category so you can hover over
this to see all the different ones let’s
take a look at let’s see what’s going on
right now maybe we have Christmas so
these are their most popular Christmas
pngs and you can also sort by like you let me
just go up here started me shirt search
and then type in Christmas okay and then
I’ll sort by new instead of popular so
you can say the things that are being
uploaded I noticed that things are
uploaded every single day under
Christmas so there’s a pretty good
database of things that are popping up
to the data or popping up to the
platform on a daily basis there’s a lot
of wreaths that you can use I can’t say
that works I’m southern wreath wreaths
Reese’s that you can use there are a lot
of different Santa Clauses right now
that are up and I just think it’s it’s
pretty cool let’s sort by popular now
okay I don’t like any of those let’s go
to page three okay yeah like so the
Santa Claus oh that’s a good one the
card just some neat little designs and
one thing might lead you to another and
this is what usually happens to me is I
get on this kick and like I find all of
this useful stuff and I can crank out
you know 10 or 20 new designs in a short
amount of time where before I was
sitting there combing through different
websites looking for free stuff and it
just got to the point where it’s kind of
ridiculous so and I highly recommend
paying for things because it makes it
harder for other people to compete with
you as well there are a lot of really (green tree png)
low effort people on merch by Amazon
that that basically just upload text to
a shirt and it’s really just not heavily
involved so anything that you can do to
kind of stand out from them is a really
really good idea here we have a bunch of
different llamas so you can get the idea
that there are ton of different options
I have cute ones and they have more like
masculine looking ones and then they
have some that are just the faces so
overall I think it is definitely worth
the 10 or 20 dollars a month that you
will pay if you download a couple images
a day for a couple days they might send
you a coupon code I’m not sure how that
works but typically that’s
I say for a lot of things we could just
look at the dogs now some of the dogs
are really funny some of them are
cartoons and then some of them are
actual images but there are a lot of
really like useful cartoons on here yeah
hot dog so the ng tree I think is
definitely gonna be the thing that I
work with through at least February
because that’s pretty much how long my
subscription is and after that I may try
a different program but I did notice
that vector stock was a lot more
expensive than this and I’m not sure
any other solutions are there for you
guys have any that you recommend please
leave them in the comment section below
and please don’t have like a limited
mindset of thinking that if you tell
someone where you get your PNG files
that there’s not gonna be enough files
to go around because honestly that’s
just ridiculous there is plenty of files
on here for everybody to use and the
thing that really sells shirts to be
honest with you is creativity and being
first to market and I think this is a
definitely a good oh that’s cool
definitely a good idea for you to kind
of think about like how can I use these
in my own creative way to make a good
design because that is really what sells
I just sold a shirt that I made last
night from an image here and it’s
literally the image and then a funny
phrase on the bottom that is two words
so it just shows you how you can utilize
stuff like this to kind of build your
business up but hopefully this review
was helpful for you guys

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