Derivative of Secx – Maths

Derivative of Secx – Maths

Derivative of Secx :
Secx :
Derivative Secx : The secondary trig functions are cosecant, secant, and cotangent [csc, sec, cot]. They are ratios that relate side lengths (opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse) to an angle in a right triangle. So secX is just the ratio of the length of a hypotenuse to the length of an adjacent side.
d⁄dxsec(x) = tan(x)sec(x)
For example, the derivative of
d⁄dysec(y) = tan(y) sec(y),
and the derivative
 d⁄dzsec(z) = tan(z)sec(z).
The sec(x) derivative rule is
sec(x) = 1/cos(x)
quotient rule on 1/cos(x)
[sin(x)/cos(x)] [1/cos(x)]
sin(x)/cos(x) = tan(x),
1/cos(x) = sec(x)
Therefore, it simplifies to
tan(x) sec(x),
Answer is :
d⁄dxsec(x) = tan(x)sec(x)
the derivative rules
d⁄dxsin(x) = cos(x)
d⁄dxcos(x) = -sin(x)
d⁄dxtan(x) = sec2(x)
d⁄dxcot(x) = -csc2(x)
d⁄dxcsc(x) = -cot(x)csc(x)
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