Cheap date night ideas at Home tips

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1 Cheap date night ideas at Home tips

Cheap date night ideas at Home tips

Date night ideas : let’s get started first up is a formal

dinner date treat this as if you’re

going out on a regular date so do your

hair get dressed up put on your heels

and then set the table nicely you know

use a tablecloth then candles and your

nice coloring sit down together as

though you were in a real restaurant

just setting the atmosphere can really

change it up next up is an outdoor movie

we actually did this a couple weeks ago

and it’s a lot easier than you might

think we do have a small projector and

then we just used a white shower curtain

as a screen and that worked perfectly

and then we got some fairy lights set up

some blankets and some pillows and got

all cozy and if you don’t have a

projector or screen just bring out your

laptop or your TV if you can it’s not

really about the screen it’s about the

setting and just being excited under the

stars and getting all cozy watching your

favorite movie next up is a board game

night you probably have a ton of board

games that never get used whenever we

have a board game night it’s usually out

of boredom because there’s nothing else

to do but Date night ideas at home 

then we get started we’re like

why don’t we do this all the time it’s

so fun and it does usually end in one of

us throwing a board across the room out

of anger because we get very competitive

but and still a fun day night next up is

a fondue night  cheap date night ideas at home

 we were given a fondue

set as a wedding gift and we absolutely

love using it you can either do a cheese

fondue like Maine and dip things like

bread potatoes vegetables into it or you

can do a chocolate fondue and dip things

in like strawberries and marshmallows I

don’t make a fun do pun but it is really

fun next up is build a fort sometimes

building a fort is a great way to escape

the reality that you’re at home you know

cover an area with blankets and sheets

get all cozy inside with rugs and

pillows set up some fairy lights and

then whatever you do in your fort is

going to be more fun whether it’s watch

a movie just have some snacks play some

games and it’s always more fun and afford next

up is it’s a newlywed game this is also

called the mr. and mrs. quiz and there’s

a ton of questionnaires online with a

long list of questions that you answer

about your partner so things like what’s

his favorite meal what’s her worst habit

who’s the best driver and you write down

your answers and then seated a machoke

and it’s hilarious and really interesting to see how much

you actually know about each other the

next one is cooked together try it a new

recipe try recreate your favorite meal 

romantic date night ideas at home for him

from a restaurant maybe attempt some

sushi my husband and I have been

planning to try and recreate our wedding

meal for a while now I’m just struggling

with finding the recipes online but it’s

on our list and but the best part of

this is that you get to enjoy it

afterwards next up is a picnic dinner I

absolutely love picnics date night at home box

all the different types of food getting

comfy on a blanket you can just recreate

this in your living room spread it all

the food set yourself up beside a nice

warm cozy fire get some wine all you

need next up is a spotlight this is a

great way to unwind and DE-stress if

you’re having one of those days or weeks

get into some robes give yourselves

facials pedicures that little bit of

self-care that we all need every now and

then you can really make everything you

need for a spa with what you already

have at home my favorite DIY facial is with honey

sugar on olive oil on dim the lights

play some relaxing music and de-stress

together the next one is movie night 

date night games for couples

sometimes the best dates are just

getting into your cozy pajamas getting

some popcorn and cuddling up together to

watch your favorite movie or Netflix and

our favorite movie to watch is the

Godfather it always sucks us in next up

is a painting date this is one that I

haven’t done yet but it’s on my list

because I absolutely love the idea of

getting up a Bob Ross tutorial on

YouTube and just following along with

what he’s doing on you and your partner

can each do it you know your own

painting hide your confidence and that’s

the end reveal them and see what the

other one has done another take on this 

stay at home date ideas for couples

is that you could do portraits of each

other and then reveal at the end I think

they would be so funny on maybe one two

frame and keep forever although you may

not want to next up is quiz each other

this is different from the newlywed game

because this one you make it what you

want and you can each take around and

quiz each other on things like what song

lyric comes next creative date night ideas

or what movie is this quote from

whatever you’re into and after if you

write see who has the most points on who

is the smartest next step is karaoke

whenever my husband and I are in for a

night with a bottle of wine it usually

ends in karaoke although it’s mostly

just me singing and him humoring me and

we don’t have a karaoke machine or

anything like that we’re not that bad

and but we just kind of find YouTube

karaoke videos and sing along with those

well I sing along with those and but

it’s always just such a fun silly night

and if you’re interested my top karaoke

song is hero by Bonnie Tyler next up is

cocktail knife I absolutely love making

cocktails whenever my husband and I go

away on holiday we always have a new

cocktail that’s just for that holiday so

that then after that whenever we drink

it it brings us back there so it’s

always so much fun to have a knight

recreating all these cocktails and

reminiscing and I’m trying a new recipes

cocktail lights are always fun next up

is make s’mores painting date night at home

we have a fire pit and we absolutely

love going in to toast marshmallows and

make s’mores my sister whenever she

comes from the u.s. to Ireland she

brings us some s’mores ingredients and

which you can’t get here but when she

doesn’t we just kind of improvise and

but that’s always fun if you don’t have

a fire pit just inside in your fire we

used to not have a fire even so we used

to do over condoms but and that was

never as successful but and yes mores

are always a fun date next up is put

together a charioteer board this is

probably my husband and my most common

date night we absolutely love

charioteer boards and there’s so much

fun putting it together so you just get

some nice cheese’s and likes me

Fred’s dips vegetables and put it all

together and I get some wine on work 

lazy date ideas at home

away and they taste so good next is take

out by candlelight skip the cooking and

just order in your favorite takeout then

light some candles play some music and

just enjoy your take it in a different

setting the next one is play video games

my brother loves video games and he was

trying to convince us to get a switch so

that we could play him online

so this inspired us to pull like the

dusty old and play Mario Kart which you haven’t

played in years and we had so much fun

and we got really competitive and I’m

always the winner though I play Wario

and I always wins next up is pictionary

I know pictionary is usually done in

teams but it’s also fun to just play as 

date ideas during stay at home

a couple I don’t know if there’s really

a way that you can play it properly like

rules where there’s a winner and a loser

but we just have loads of fun just

drawing pictures and trying to get the

other one to guess what they are

and yeah pictionary is a fun one next up

is face together another kitchen one you

can either bake a cake or go for

something a little bit more adventurous

like a creme brulee this is a good one

because you’re practicing a skill and if

you perfect it and make something

amazing then you can show it off to your

guests at your next dinner party or you

can just eat it all yourselves which is

probably what I do the next one is card

games there are a lot of really good

two-player card games out there our

favorite card games are poker and rummy

and you can’t play those with two

players but they’re usually better with

at home date night ideas for new parents

a larger group but then there’s games

like spit or speed which are perfect for

only two players next one is create a

bucket list I love this one because it’s

so motivating to put goals to paper you

know places you want to go or things you

want to experience or whatever you want

to change in your life on it gives you

more purpose moving forward that these

are things you want to accomplish I’m

doing it as a couple is great because

you can motivate each other on and try

and get to these goals together next up

is homemade pizza night who doesn’t love

pizza it’s so fun and easy and you can

do your own toppings and we’re obsessed

with pizza we don’t have a pizza oven

but and we have these pizza stones so we

can kind of create that in our own

regular oven and we’re not able to do it

at the moment because we all know you

know corona virus stockpile ours have

taken all the toilet paper but they’ve

also taken all the yeast I can not find

yeast anywhere so unfortunately our

usual pizza date nights have not

happened for a while but and pizzas are

always fun and you can also do pizza

dessert you can have a chocolate pizza

and put toppings on like marshmallows or

cookie or whatever yeah that’s always a

fun one next up is an outdoor picnic

once again I just feel like changing

this setting can make so much difference so

just bring your dinner or dessert or

snacks or whatever it is outside lay a

blanket play some music get fairy lights

and watch the stars 

the next one is put together a photo

album I love this one and because it’s

so worthwhile because in the end you’ll

have this keepsake that you can have

forever and I love putting together

photo albums but I never find the time

so a date night where you both do it

together it would be so much fun because

you can look at all these old photos

reminisce on old times and just have a

lot of fun with it you don’t need to

have physical photos you can just and

make an online photo album with all your

digital photos and then have a physical

copy sent to you so and yeah that’s just

one that will pay off in the end you’ll

have this forever the next one is

competition night you have one of those

really fun competition lights or

challenge nights with gains from a

minute to win it you know that kind of

thing like who can stock the cups the

fastest or shoe toss or cookie face you

both put a cookie on your forehead and

try and get in your mouth that using

your hands whoever does it first wins

these are just silly gains that are just

fun and will get you laughing on

sometimes you need to have a silly night

with your partner next up is DIY

wine-tasting you can just set up your own DIY

wine-tasting night you get six bottles

of wine 3 red 3 white and then cover the

labels and then you’ve got to taste them

and say how you’d rate it guess what the

flavors are and what you give it out of

10 and try and guess which wine you

think it is you might be surprised by

your answers and it’s a really great way

to just sit back and enjoy a glass of

wine the next one is couples massages I

absolutely love getting massages so what

a great way to spend a date giving each

other massages so get some nice oils dim

the lights play some nice music and just

work through those muscles and that

tension and one of the nice things do

for each other give each other massages

everyone likes getting massages the next

one is play music my husband is a

musician and he always has his guitar a

and sometimes already take it for

granted so I love those date nights

where I just sit back and listen to

play and give him requests and annoy him

by singing along too loudly and if you

don’t play any instruments you can just

listen to music and you know realest

into your old favourite albums or take

turns playing your favorite songs and

another one that we love is taking turns

playing our guilty pleasures because

they’re always so cheesy and they always

get a laugh and so a night of music

would be a fun date and the last one is

write each other love letters I know

this probably sounds like the cheesiest

thing to do but I think it’s so

important you know we get so caught up

in our daily lives that we forget and to

not take our partner for granted and to

appreciate all the little things about

them so take some time both of you just

sit down write a letter to each other

think of everything that you appreciate

them for and all the little qualities

that you love in them and then read it

out to each other you know it’s what all

these day nights are really about you

know staying connected and feeling that

love for each other on what better way

than to just put pen to paper so that’s

it they are my top date night at home

ideas if you have any date nights at

home that you like to do that I miss out

on please let me know please comment

below I love hearing what other people

get up to give me some ideas.

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