Clean Your Smart Phone Safely Tips

Clean Your Smart Phone Safely Tips
While washing your hands is vital if you’re worried about germs.
 on your phone you can clean it effectively with simple soap and water hi I’m
dr. Linus Eric I’m a microbiologist at University College London and I’m gonna
show you how to clean your brain unplug your phone turn it off and remove, the
case all the manger phone makers warned against using chemicals hand gels and
abrasive wipes on your device as this can damage the screens protective coating
dampen a micro fiber cloth with water and simple household soap gently rub the
surfaces of the phone with the damp cloth take care not to get moisture in any
of the openings because even water-resistant phones lose their protection over
time finally dry your phone with a clean microfiber cloth evenjust using soap
and water can effectively remove bacteria and viruses from your phone and we
can test that by using this little device and these swaps the device gives a
reading of relative light units or RL use and that’s a measure of the microbial
activity on your phone so the higher the number the more germs are present we
tested all of these phones and their cases before and after cleaning with soapy
water and they were all significantly cleaner afterwards on a surgical surface
we’d want to get a figure of 50 or less and all of our phones and cases had
readings lower than that if you have an I Phone Apple says you can safely clean
it with70% isopropyl alcohol wipes these are the ones that you can get from
computer shops or online there are also devices that you can use to sterilize
your phone using ultraviolet UVC radiation these shouldn’t harm your device but
some phones or cases could be discolored overtime just remember with all of
these methods as soon as you touch your phone you’re going to get germs back
onto it so make sure that you keep washing your hands regularly and thoroughly.

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