Earn Money Online – Proven Ways to Earn in Dollars from Home

Earn Money Online – Proven Ways to Earn in Dollars from Home 

How to earn online 

The way technology is increasing day by day so many are interested to earn online as well, while doing job as well so many want to earn online as side business or pocket money or to save money for future expenses so lets see the ways to earn money.

Highlights :

  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Sell Products Online
  • Data Entry
  • Free Lancing
  • Translating
  • Online Tutorial
  • Affiliate Marketing

 Earn Money Online - Proven Ways to Earn in Dollars from Home

Social Media 

Now a days so many are using social platforms like Facebook,Instagram,twitter,hello,and snap chat can be used for online earning money also if you daily posts regularly in good content on these platform and if you grows followers in these platform you can earn money online easily with these platforms.


You tube is the 2nd largest searching platform now after google, in you tube you can create channel after creating you can put own content with out copying others put genuine content in your channel if grows the channel you will get followers and after that you can monetize your channel and you can put adsence  adds so that you can earn money easily but have to work hard hard for at least 1 year in your you tube channel to get better results. 


Blogging is also a better platform to earn money online to start blogging you can choose blogger or word press because blogger is a free platform only you have to buy domain and in word press you have to buy domain and maintenance, SSL certificate have to pay after that you can post your own articles don’t copy others content be genuine to post every article you can select what niche does your are using have to post particular that niche or you can pick multi niche block in this you can post any type of article to apply adsence at least 25 articles have to post with 1000 words no need to worry about traffic post regularly articles in blog you can money.
In blog to earn money it will take some time min 6 months  and  maximum 1 year or depend upon your article traffic most of new bloggers work for 6 to 1 year and they left doing blog post don’t do like that post regularly at least for 6 months for 1000 article so that you can earn money min 100 $.
 Earn Money Online - Proven Ways to Earn in Dollars from Home

Sell products online

If your doing small type of business like food products,materials,grosser you can sell online products the plat forms for selling online flip kart,amazon, swiggy,zomato these are the plat forms better earning in online so that you can do your business and sell online products.

Data entry

After listening so many will confuse after all so many are searched for data entry but succeeded because so many taking fake jobs searching you have to search for genuine data entry jobs to work like freelancer is there online in this site you can money hourly bases 250 to 1000 rs per hour in india.


As above said data entry job you can search different types in free lancer you can be a part of this doing yourself webdesign, content writer and you can select what type job makes your income good you can earn money hourly 5$ to 100$.


Yes you heard right you can money through translating content from one language to other language you can ask that company them self can translate but so many articles are there to translate so that you can do this work also in online by translating and earn money through online.

Online Tutorial

Yes in online so many sites are there to earn online money by telling tutorials,in online tutorial you can connect so many students and different type of ages people you can connect online most plat forms are there to earn online before starting you have to fill online application you have to give demo if your demo is selected you will get approved and you can start making money Online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is best income to earn online you can start using product sale in online you will get percentage commission of that product to start affiliate product easy way to start is amazon affiliate program best way to sale product  if you are using any website or blog you can sell through that every product selling you will get an commission in this you can earn approximately 100$.

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