europe shuts borders | saaraalyrics

europe shuts borders | saaraalyrics
Tough new restrictions have come in to force in
Franceno one can now leave home without a government form that they print out
to justify their reason for being out side for the next two weeks people are
only allowed out to go to work. to buy essential food or medical supplies for a
family emergency or to exercise or walk a dog but they must be on their own and
they face a fine if these conditions are not met our Paris correspondent Lucy Williamson
reports before the quarantine the fever as France inch towards lock down. supermarkets
became barometers of the nation’s fear the government had complained that
people were ignoring the threat of coronavirus but attitudes here are changing
if I’m 30 I’m scared I’ve got three kids I’m here to buy thebasics I’m afraid
for myself and for my children is awful last night president macron announced a
general confinement of France’s population from midday today dinner Mindi a
puka zoo or more for at least the next 15 days our movements will be seriously
reduced it means that outside gatherings or meeting friends or family won’t be
permitted going for a walk meeting friends in the park or in the street won’t
be possible all infractions to these rules will be punished it’s just gone
midday here thenew rules have come into force and there are still a few people
out on the xiang’s Ali zee 48 hours ago the government was telling people to
come out to vote now it’s saying stay in your homes unless it’s essential or
face, a fine within minutes of the deadline extra police were out questioning
people still on the streets a hundred thousand officers have been deployed to
enforce the new rules today’s deadline sparked alast-minute rush to leave the
Capitol polls suggest a sudden jump in anxietyhere normality no longer a
barrier to this crisis is disappearing and France instead is learning to manage
its fear Lucy Williamson BBC News Paris well Belgium has also tonight said that
everyone must stay at home from midday tomorrow for almost three weeks to prevent
the spread of the coronavirus Belgians will only be allowed out for medical
attention to exercise or to work in some businesses deemed essential such as
supermarkets and chemists ten people have died in Belgium mean while Italy remains
the worst-hit country with another big surge in cases today there are now more
than 30,000 cases there two and a half thousand people have died Spain which
has locked down its 47million inhabitants saw cases increased to more than
11,000 cases more than 500people have died there in Germany Chancellor Merkel
has banned religious services and venues including clubs bars leisure
facilities zoos and play grounds they’ll also be closed Germany now has over
9,000 cases and 24 deaths from the virus well Jenny Hill is in Berlin Damien
gramática is in Madrid but first let’s speak to Mark lone who is in Rome forest
and Mark terrible death toll there today but also thousands of people2,000
people in intensive care yes Sophie the numbers really are shocking today
Italy’s prime minister said this country had overcome fascis mand world wars
but never more than now was there such a need for Italians to be United he said
that 10,000 medical students would have their final year exams scrapped so that
they could move more quickly into the healthcare system and support doctors and
nurses cases here are still soaring but the rate of increase is the smallest
now since the outbreak began so possibly the containment measures are beginning
to work and if so that could put pressure on other countries to copy italy’s approach
more closely now talking of those measures from today this is theu pdated form
that we have to fill in for all movement around the country to certify that we
are not in quarantine because of the virus or if the we’ve tested that we are
negative that in addition of course to the blanket closure of virtually all
venues across the country a week ago Sophie Italy was taking the most extreme approach
in Europe but now just look at how one-by-one so many other countries are
following suit and Damian gramáticais in Madrid also an extreme approachtheir
Spaniards locked down yes exactly right so if you can consider this Spain about
a week ago was pretty much where the UK is today so just a couple of thousand
cases and in seven days that has soared Sevenfold so what we saw out on the
streets today similar police out there ordering people to go back home stopping
their cars checking them this is Madrid’s biggest train station behind me it’s
virtually deserted and that Spain here I think is equally a sign that if you
don’t take measures quickly you get this huge rise in cases there strictions
here we’re only brought in yesterday we now have 2000 more cases just in the
last day 500 people in intensive care Spain’s Prime Minister promising a
massive economic stimulus to try to keep things going and nobody here complaining
that any of this is excessive and Jenny Hill Germany is being shut down but not
locked down quite yet not quite yet but today Germany raised its official risk
level from medium to high as the number of newly confirmed cases continues to accelerate
the health authorities up and down the country are bracing themselves here in
Berlin today they announced they’re to turn a big exhibition center into an
extra hospital with 1000 beds the authorities have pretty much shutdown every
aspect of normal German daily life now affecting leisure religion business
people have been told they should stay at home they’re being told they
shouldn’t go on holiday either in the country or abroad the government is hoping
that it can avoid following Spain France and Italy into imposing a complete
lockdown they hope the current measures will be enough but you know people here
are looking at what’s happening in those countries they’re looking at the daily
rise in cases here and they’re starting to fear that actually for Germany it
really is just a question of time Jenny Hill Dameon grammatical and mark loan
thank you.

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