Kevin hart height in feet and inches

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1 Kevin hart height in feet and inches

Kevin hart height in feet and inches

Kevin hart :  

So Just How Tall is Kevin Hart?

Kevin is a 39-year old American comedian and actor

He’s one of the shortest A-listers in Hollywood,

but is also one of the biggest Box-office draws

He’s starred in films like Jumanji, Ride Along,

Central Intelligence, The Upside, Night School

and Get Hard. 

But what Height does Kevin claim?

In a variety interview he once said 

& quot;I’m Five foot four and a half.

A lot of people think it’s just 5 foot 4.

But It’s not!" kevin hart height in cm

On CNN he once tried to claim 5 foot 5 and a half

So Kevin started saying, well Five Foot Four,

Five Foot Three.

Finally settling on Five Foot Two.

Kevin’s a very funny man and he’s not afraid

to joke about his height.

In fact, on Twitter he’s joked on more than

a few occasions that he’s grew.

He’s now 5 foot 5.

At this rate, he’ll be in the NBA soon.

However in 2011 he did give a more believable height claim

When he said I’m 5 foot 5 when

I put my Timberland boots on.

He also called out those who are wearing shoe

lifts, saying he loves being a short guy and

if he catches you wearing shoe lifts or elevators

he’s gonna whoop your damn ass.

Sylvester Stallone being the exception of


You do not ask Sly what’s in his shoes.

So Kevin’s admitted to being under 5 foot

4, but just how short does he look?

With the 5 foot 4 Bruno Mars, Kevin’s looking

somewhere in the 5 foot 2 to 3 range.

And here with the 5 foot 7 Floyd Mayweather,

again he’s barely looking over 5 foot 2.

One of Kevin’s best films was Jumanji.

Now most folk estimate Nick Jonas as being

somewhere in the 5 foot 6 and a half to 7 range

And Kevin in comparison seems like he’s closer

to 5 foot 2 than 4. kevin hart height and weight

On the end there is 5 foot 10 Karen Gillan,

who in heels looks like she’s a head taller

than Kevin. kevin hart on his height

An actor of similar size to Nick Jonas – Martin

Short – also looks like he’s got about 4 inches

on Kevin, although to be fair to Martin, he

did once claim 5 foot 7 and a half.

His good friend and Ride Along co-star Ice

Cube is well known to be near 5 foot 8.

In footage and photos, Kevin typically looks

like he’s at least 5 inches shorter than Ice Cube

Sometimes even as much as Six Inches.

Another 5 foot 8 actor – Ludacris – can also

make Kevin look under 5 foot 3.

Something to bear in mind with short men is

that in photos or clips with taller people,

you might find the taller person drops more

height than they normally would.

However, to be fair to Kevin, he rarely stands

with military posture and half the time he’s

posing in a relaxed manner.

Not only is Big Vin Diesel slouching, he’

smiling too. kevin hart height insoles

Jamie Foxx is one of the more honest height

claimers in Hollywood.

He says he’s 5 foot 9 and usually makes Kevin

look about 5 foot 2.

With another 5 foot 9 range actor like Eddie

Murphy, Kevin again looks like he’s

under 5 foot 3.

What about an actor who has claimed to be

the same height as Kevin like fellow funnyman

Ken Jeong.

Now Ken’s claimed to be 5 foot 4, yet with

Kevin, he looks a couple of inches taller.

With David Beckham though, I think Hart can

actually seem near 5 foot 3.

And even with Marky Mark Whalberg, can pull

off just about 5 foot 3.

So what do the public think of Kevin’s height?

On Celeb Heights, from 150 votes, they

estimate he’s very close to 5 foot 2 and a half

I think overall that’s a pretty fair estimate

for Kevin.

Maybe on a very good day he might be almost

5 foot 3.

Kevin has proven though, that being short wasn’t 

a barrier to achieving great success in Hollywood.

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